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Book launches are fraught with many moving pieces and tasks. Unfortunately, many authors fail to launch successfully because they are overwhelmed by all the tasks involved. And when you release a couple of times a year, it all becomes too much.

You want to take advantage of the bookstore algorithms, so you can sell more books, but there's all the other moving pieces that bump sales too. It's a juggling act to keep a momentum with your writing and getting all your marketing pieces into the right places!

With Lost to Launched, we take you task by task through the book launch process, and give you due dates for tasks so you can get your books launched without stress and into the hands of eager readers.

Organize everything from your social media, reviews, promotions, collaborations, and even deploy some of our best outreach hacks. Get in front of more readers who love to buy books! Stop wasting the uplift a new release brings. Insert your release date into our generator and get your automated new release book task-by-task  plan.

Lost to Launched is the perfect blend of marketing strategy, organization, and tech, all wrapped into one easy to implement package for your next book release... and every release after that.


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Book Launch Task & Timeline Generator: Take the stress out of your book launch with our Book Launch Task & Timeline Generator. All you need to do is insert your release date, and the done-by dates for each task are auto-populated so you have a plan to help keep you on track.

35 Book Launch Templates: Download our custom designed and battle-tested templates, checklists, swipe files and other shortcuts you need to plan, organize, and launch your books. They'll speed you through the most time-consuming parts of releasing your book. Customize to how you like to do things and use immediately to get your books launched and into the hands of eager readers.

Launch Like A Pro: Work through our practical guide and get through your book launch without feeling frazzled while still living your life. It's like we are in the room with you holding your hand as you complete each step of your launch!


Once you purchase Lost to Launched, you'll be directed to create an account with our membership portal. Inside, you will find the walk-through video explaining our Book Launch Task & Timeline Generator.

You'll receive your own downloadable copy of the Generator.

Plus you'll receive:

  • Customizable Templates so you can adapt them to your business

  • Checklists so you can keep on track and never have to worry if you've forgotten a step

  • Swipe files and PDFs so you have all you need to run a successful book launch


If you are not fully satisfied with Lost to Launch, reach out to us at within 7 days and I'll send you a full refund.

Sleep Well At Night Knowing Your New Release Uplift Is Not Being Wasted!

Writing your novel takes time. You worked hard to produce a quality story and spent significant money on an eye-catching cover and professional editing for your book. The worst thing you can do is release your book without a plan where it will fall into obscurity. With just a bit of time and a guide, you can increase your reach with readers, boost your sales, and increase the number of reviews your book receives.


This deal is for a limited time!

This very limited time offer will save authors time, money, and get them organized!

  • Lost to Launched works for KU and wide releases

  • It gives you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to releasing so you stay on track!

  • Tactics will help increase your sales, reviews, and opt-ins!

  • Become a Launch Pro by following a proven low-stress system which in turn gives you back more time so you can focus on writing your next novel.

  • Adapt the system the Pros use to your own business so you never have to worry about forgetting a step in the book launch process.

Frequently Asked M Questions:

Is this suitable for Kindle Unlimited or Wide authors?

Yes, this works for both KU and Wide fiction authors.

Will I sell more books using your system?

Our programs are intended to help you share your books with a wider audience and to make a difference in the world while growing your business. We don't make any guarantees about your own results because we don't know you and your business, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving you great content, direction and strategies to move you forward faster.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes, you get immediate access to everything inside our membership portal so you can start downloading your materials straightaway.

Do I need to use special programs to access the materials?

The files are provided as PDFs and in download formats that work in Microsoft Office or Google, whichever is your preference. Canva templates can only be used in Canva. A Canva free account is fine.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

We are here to support you get into the training portal so you can access the course and materials and if there are any technical difficulties with the downloadables. Please reach out to us at

Can I share this with a friend?

No. This content is for your individual use.

Please Note:

Kick butt book launches may cause boat loads of confidence and massive amounts of joy in your writing success!

Demystifies the Launch Process

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to publishing or if it's not your first rodeo--Narelle Todd's Get my Book Out There Launch Course is a must-have. With practical task breakdowns and clear checkpoints, this course demystifies the launch process and helps authors stay on target!


Works for Anyone!

I have used Narelle's system of templates and checklists for years, which is why I consistently make six-figures a year in my book sales. She has the process down to a science that works for anyone—whether you are a science geek or not! The only way I can continue to write is by selling books and this system makes that happen!

S.E. Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author